Do you…

>>Dream of becoming a sought-after speaker?

>>Imagine yourself giving a signature keynote speech or a riveting Tedx talk?

>>Want to become a thought leader in your field?


Here’s what you need to remember:

To inspire – you need to stand out.

To make an impact – you need to speak confidently and from the heart.

To be known – you need to build your presence.


I Can Help You Share Your Passion with the World!

I have a PhD in literature and I am an author, Tedx speaker, speaking coach and consultant, and dreamer who is passionate about supporting heart-centered women in growing their personal and business brands using the power and beauty of storytelling and public speaking.

Storytelling and public speaking are essential to my own online platform, Juliet Turns the Page, which has over 155,000 Facebook Fans.

I want to bring all the experience I’ve had to help YOU speak with confidence and make an impact!

I can help you:

✔️ Tap into your most creative self and become a compelling speaker and content creator, taking your personal, professional, and business brand to the next level.

✔️Step into your confidence and develop your personal speaking style.

✔️Design and deliver unforgettable speeches.

✔️Produce engaging content using narrative and language techniques that will grab your audience’s attention from the get-go!

✔️Master the art of public speaking and storytelling in a way that increases engagement, following, and grows your brand.

✔️Develop a speaking engagement strategy and blueprint that will help you get booked solid and establish you as an influencer in your field!

Abeer is a compassionate coach who always made me feel safe in the process of brainstorming for the TEDx talk I want to give next year. It was easy to connect with her and she has an avalanche of knowledge about the application procedure. As a result of working with her I got clear on the topic and content I want to include into my speech.
— Romana Štokelj - Owner and Founder of Romana Life Coaching

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After two hugely insightful and eye-opening sessions with Abeer, I can honestly say to anyone that is thinking about working with her to get off the fence! She freely gave away her best strategies for the things I was confused and overwhelmed with, such as structuring killer Facebook Page Livestreams and adding automation processes to help me reach as many people and deliver as much of my extra information and lead magnets to interested audience members - all without doing it manually. She was also very giving in helping me work out how to leverage a strategy for Facebook ads, repurposing that content. I absolutely loved our sessions together - I always left them with a heightened sense of organisation and empowerment to get out there and build connections with my audience - as a result, I was able to add 100 followers to my Facebook Page within 48 hours, reach thousands of video views in 5 days, and grow my Messenger Bot from scratch with a giveaway during a launch. Thank you Abeer!
— Ellyse Howe, Owner of She Gets Branded
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I really love Abeer as a person. I think she is certainly someone who adds value and good energy wherever she is. I loved how on point and practical she was with the tips she gave me. I recalibrated my message not only on my website but in all of my content. I feel more confident in sharing what i have to say and i believe that my speaking career is one step closer.
— Linda Martinez, Life Coach and Author

What we can cover together:

This unique program is an immersive 1:1 experience tailored to your goals and needs, whether it’s focused on only one of the topics below or all three!


Integrating more videos into your offers/programs

Creating personal, authentic, and useful content

Creating engaging posts to your audience and increase engagement

Content that leads to confidence in what you're offering

Content strategies to increase engagement

Creating "you" centered content to build trust


Sharing your personal experience

Bringing your own story (who you are) to the heart of your brand & content

Creating engaging pieces of your message

Including narrative & language techniques

Talking with purpose

Branding through storytelling

Public Speaking

Planning and preparing for your Tedx talk and getting ready for your center stage appearance

Creating a framework for your signature speech.

Developing Your Personal Speaking Style

Preparing for In person - talking on stage, or a retreat, workshop, event, etc.

Preparing for Virtual speaking - FB live, modules of programs, workshops, summits

Abeer has carefully and thoughtfully placed her love and energy in everything she touches, which is why it’s PURE GOLD. She not only shares her quotes...Abeer shares her heart, her soul, and her wisdom and it’s reflected in her beautiful and healing videos, her writing, the colors, the art, and the energy only she can bring. She has captured the ability to feel the pulse of her audience and delivers exactly what they need to feel good, supported, and lifted. Whatever Abeer delivers immediately fosters trust, because she is true to herself and true for her fans.
— Maria Flynn, Founder of One Wise Life

Heart-Centered Public Speaking and Content Creation Program
3 Month 1:1 Coaching Package includes:

+3 Coaching Calls per month

+Coaching on the Go: E-Mail support and messages (preferred means of communication can be discussed)

+Trello board for coach and client

+Public Speaking Assessment: I will provide you with feedback on your public speaking and relevant content. You will also receive guidelines on how to evaluate your own speaking.

+Your Heart-Centered Signature Speaking Framework: A strategy (based on years of teaching public speaking, presenting, judging debating competitions, and building my own successful online platform) that will guide you to developing your personal speaking style and design and deliver talks that make you stand out - all to help you grow your brand!

+Speaking Engagement Blueprint: I will show you exactly what you need to know about getting speaking engagements! We will cover everything from your speaker branding to approaching organizers, your pitch, and actually getting booked!

+Signature Speech: If you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, or a coach who wants to grow their business with public speaking - you need a signature speech! It’s that one speech that contains your core brand message and process. By the end of this program, you will have a complete signature speech - and one that’s designed to attract your ideal client!

+The coaching is customizable. Do you have a specific goal? Let’s talk and we can tailor the coaching to that specific purpose!

Your Investment:

$1200 USD pay in full (save $100) or 4 payments of $325 USD (per month)

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 6.47.29 AM.png
Abeer speaks from the heart and really engages her audience with her down to earth and practical approach to personal development. The advice on Juliet Turns The Page is empowering and has stopped me in my tracks a few times. Always one to look for the positives in everything you cannot fail to be feel the joy whilst in her company.
— Steven Aitchison, Founder of Stevenaitchison.co.uk and Your Digital Formula

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Who is this program for? Whether your are an entrepreneur, a life coach, a business coach, a professional, a public figure, or someone who wants to work on their public speaking and content creation skills, this program is for you!

Q2 Can we discuss the program in more detail and customize it? Yes! During our 30-Minute Free Initial Consultation Call, I’ll answer your questions and we can customize the package.

Q3 Can you guarantee specific results?

Disclaimer: I hope to support you in reaching your goals and will do my very best. However, your success is based on your commitment to the program and/or coaching and your effort. I do not and cannot guarantee specific results or outcomes. While the testimonials on this page and website are real, I cannot guarantee that your results will be exactly the same as the ones in the testimonials.

I can, however, promise you that I care very much about my clients and will be here to support you in the best way possible!

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