My novel, Her Seven Days in Bali, is available to pre-order on Amazon! Release date is April 15!

What readers have to say: (Hundreds of readers have left positive feedback! Here are a few of the comments!)

“I couldn’t put it down! A well written story that so many can relate to!”
The struggles and the heartache of a break-up seem to have been captured in an effortless way... the story flows beautifully and is so so relatable. And icing on the cake is the inspirational messages which are conveyed along the way ...
A story that not just “story”. It’s an inspiration for the soul struggling from the heartache to take a step to move on.
Abeer captures what many of us have felt, when betrayal has opened its doors to our marriages or relationships.
interesting, inspiring and amazing!
I love this author’s writing. It’s such a joy to read!

About the Book:

Lara believes she is happily married - until an evening that challenges everything she thought she knew about the man she loves. Her husband tells her their marriage is over and leaves her for another woman.

Devastated by his betrayal and the end of her marriage, Lara reluctantly goes on a trip to Bali on what is supposed to be their seventh wedding anniversary.

As she attempts to overcome the heartbreak, she finds herself entangled in a relationship where she too is on the verge of becoming 'the other woman'.

Struggling to cope with her ex-husband's betrayal - she knows she needs to heal. 

But can she stay true to herself? Or does someone else have to pay the price for her happiness? 

Her Seven Days in Bali
By Abeer Fahim