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Hi! I’m Abeer!

I’m a speaking and communication consultant who helps female entrepreneurs become sought-after public speakers.

I’m dedicated to showing female entrepreneurs exactly how to share their passion and build their influence while taking their business to the next level.

I help them create compelling content and confidently embrace their own unique personal speaking style to grow their audience, increase their income, book speaking engagements, and get more clients!

The strategies I teach are the strategies that I’ve also used to help grow my own social media platform, Juliet Turns the Page, which now has over 154,000 followers on Facebook!

I also draw on my own experience as a Tedx speaker and a professor who taught hundreds of students public speaking and helped coaches and public figures launch their speaking careers!

And I want to help YOU create a powerful speaking journey that elevates your business, grows your brand, and makes you the go-to expert in your field - because I know it’s possible!