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Hi! I’m Abeer.

I am a mother of twin boys Zachary and Zane, wife, author, entrepreneur, and consultant who loves helping women grow their personal and business brands.

My love for storytelling and public speaking started at a very young age. I’ve always been an an avid reader and a passionate speaker. When I was eight years old, I decided that one day I would teach literature for a living. Fast forward twenty years later, I earned a PhD in English Literature and became an Assistant Professor of literature. As a professor, I also taught academic writing, business communication, and public speaking. I helped hundreds of students gain confidence in their writing and speaking skills and use storytelling techniques to convey effective and appealing messages.

With my background in literature, I wanted to use what I taught and learned to inspire people to create unique lives and experiences by helping them unleash their imagination and step into their confidence.

While working as an Assistant Professor of Literature in December of 2015, I started a Facebook page called Juliet Turns the Page where I shared quotes from the classics and made videos inspired by literary quotes.

Oh! And let me tell you about Juliet. She’s my Yorkie. I got Juliet one week before starting Juliet Turns the Page and she became a regular guest on my videos and model in my pictures :)

With a vision (and a Yorkie) I created a platform for self-help through literature that grew into a project with over 155,000 followers and motivated my to write my first novel ‘Her Seven Days in Bali’.
Creating Juliet Turns the Page has been one of the most incredible experiences in my life.

It all started with a dream. And I am determined to help you create heart-centered growth that helps you translate your dream of making a soulful impact into a reality.